New MacBook pro-2021 price:2021 m1x MacBook design specs & release date.

it’s coming this summer oh well actually it’s coming in october or november uh there’s been a lot of conflicting rumors about the next m1x redesigned major macbook pro upgrade we mean the last time we’ve gotten an upgrade this big was 2016. i was having a hard time finding somebody talking about the credible rumors for this m1x macbook pro because there has been so much conflicting info today we’re talking about feature set what’s coming what’s not when we’re getting this macbook pro because we’ve had some recent reports that are they give us a better picture of when this is actually coming soon

New MacBook pro-2021 price

2020 Apple MacBook Air with M1 Chip


New MacBook pro-2021 price

2019 Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch,


New MacBook pro-2021 price

Apple MacBook Air 13.3


macbook pro 2021 redesign:macbook 2021 price

it’s going to be an upgrade here but i don’t think it’s going to be super substantial we saw some leak schematics and it’s essentially going to be like all of apple’s other recent products like the rounded rectangle design that we see on the ipad pro that we got on the new imac i mean which the macbook pro is kind of already had for awhile i assume they’ll probably be able to make it thinner as well because with apple silicon inside it won’t get nearly as hot as like the intel chips.

i mean for those of you that have the 16 inch MacBook pro you know how much of just a disaster that computer is like mine’s just sitting on the floor i restored it and i’m getting ready to sell it which is a perfect segue into why so many people like myself are holding out for the m1x macbook pro because not only is it the redesign not only is there some good stuff coming back more on that momentarily but it’s going to be the first computer with apple silicon more powerful.

Specs: macbook pro 16 2021 release date

The m1 and a source that’s actually got about an 80% credible track record have actually called it m1x there’s been a lot of speculation about the m1x name but apparently it will actually be called m1x and mark german who is 90% accurate has told us exactly what that is and it is not just going to be a marginal upgrade over the m1 the x would sort of suggesting that’s the case but I promise it’s way better we’re transitioning from an 8-core four efficiency for high performance to a 10 core processor for m1x which means that you’re going to be having I believe eight high-performance cores and two high-efficiency core.

which means that the power on this is essentially doubling there have also been some leaked benchmarks here i mean looking at this compared to the m1 it is essentially twice as fast here on a lot of common tasks which makes sense if you’re doubling the number of high-performance cores it’s going to be insane but honestly, even on the m1, the CPU hasn’t ever been lacking it’s been really fast it’s been in the GPU and a lot of people have been asking not only an apple for years to do some seriously good GPU options that’s like essentially why macs can’t game and there’s just no developer support and that’s where apple’s stepping it up for m1x it’s gonna have a 16 or 32 core GPU option it is still rumored to be integrated.

New MacBook pro-2021 price

Apple Watch Series 6


New MacBook pro-2021 price

New Apple Watch Series 6


New MacBook pro-2021 price

New Apple Watch Series 6


i don’t think a dedicated graphics option according to rumors is coming until the mac pro redesign which is sometime next year in 2022 and this is going to be the killer upgrade as somebody who does video editing for people that work in blunder doing animation for people that are mining crypto or something on their mac I don’t know if you’d be crazy enough to do that and most importantly for people that are playing games which I do like I was only able to run league of legends which for those of you who play it it’s like a not very graphically intense game and I could barely hit 100 fps on medium settings on the iMac that sits behind me with like a 5700 AMD graphics card i was able to get 300 ish fps at max settings I mean that just goes to show you what a real GPU can do.

but at this point I don’t even think m1x is gonna be the most killer part of the MacBook Pro it’s gonna be everything else that Apple is tweaking because they’re listening to the feedback we saw that weird transition from the 2015 MacBook pro with all these ports and slots did 2016 with four USB c ports and at the time I thought it was gonna age well it is not aged well at all every single person that does creative work has had to buy a ridiculous amount of dongles just to make the MacBook pro-work and it’s fundamentally because mac os is still a better option than windows

2021 m1x MacBook : NO touch bar.

Most of us out here but there have been so many shortcomings including the touch bar and believe it or not apple is actually getting rid of it the most credible source in the game mark german again 90 accurate has said the touch bar is going away and i know i saw the comments on a video a few months back about this but listen it’s good it’s gonna be worth it because the touch bar is garbage I’ve never used it i have tried I don’t even know what they were trying to do here it just felt like a weird way to not put a touch screen on the mac and i think everybody would just rather have a touch screen on the mac now.

I just fundamentally think the touch bar was a huge mistake alongside only doing usbc which apple is also recognizing here now when they announce this they’re not going to go up on stage and say oh we messed up they’re going to be like web heard you and they are bringing back a couple of huge things

Number one is MagSafe so the magnetic charging cable very similar to what you See on like the back of the new iMacs that is coming it’s likely going to be branded as magsafe and it’ll allow you to not RIP your computer away when somebody trips on the cable they removed it.

new macbook pro 2021: ports.

whatever it’s coming back and honestly that’s all that matters now second of all the HDMI port that’s something that I feel like they could get away with including but it’s still something that like going over to a friend’s house wanting to hook up your laptop to the tv their razer blade their normal pc has an HDMI port and I’m just out here with my MacBook and I’m like well.

I just can’t hook it up. You know I can’t interface with this tech the same way you can. It was frustrating to see it removed in 2015.

It’s like we’re taking a step backward and now forward again with HDMI coming but by far most importantly if there was one of these three things i could have on my MacBook it’s an sd card reader and they’re bringing that back as well again it was on earlier MacBooks then they removed it in front of me this is the dongle i have had since the day the MacBook Pro came out in 2016.

And it goes in and it reads an sd card and it’s fine but why did we have to remove it in the first place so that’s also making a comeback so you’re starting to get a much more holistic picture of what this MacBook really is now which is the comeback story for the MacBook pro like i never thought that apple could mess up the line that badly but when everybody sees these new computers it’s going to be crystal clear it’s everything we’ve been asking for for years.

New MacBook pro-2021 price

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New MacBook pro-2021 price

Apple AirPods Pro


New MacBook pro-2021 price

New Apple AirPods Max - Pink


Will there be a MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021?

 it’s actually coming it feels weird to say and of course the question is well when are we getting it because there have been so many reports at first it was wwdc and then nothing currently we’re here in two timelines mark german who is 90% accurate he is the best apple source has said it will come as early as this summer and i thought that meant at wwdc.

which is their big developer conference like currently there are no future apple events plan they have not announced anything there have been no credible leaks about a concrete event this summer or something and i don’t really see apple just dropping these through a press release I mean this is the MacBook Pro this isn’t the mac mini or a smaller line this is the MacBook pro this is the laptop that people think of when they think of a MacBook so it’s possible

They could do a press release i just think it’s really unlikely they’re going to want to show off how powerful this is plus it’s the m1x it’s not just the m1 and the second report we’ve gotten is a bit more dismal it says we’re not getting this until late October or early November this is from a

Developer named Dylan over on Twitter I tracked his history. He was the only source that said m1 was coming to iPad pro in the world and also accurately described the iMac redesign months ahead of launch again at a time. when we had no rumors about this I found this Twitter account i was doing some digging he says it’s going to be m1x inside

there’s going to be no macbook pro text branding on the bezel likely because the bezels are getting thinner and he called these other things so i believe him he has been saying since november of last year that the redesigned mac pro is coming in q4 of 2021

which would be October or November so considering how he nailed the release of the iPad pro and the new iMac as much as i i listen I’m pissed off about this too i didn’t want to wait until October to get this new MacBook pro but it seems like we’re probably not going to get this until another event in late fall basically a year after we got the first apple silicon the m1 in November of 2020. let’s wipe our tears away um but that is really what i think is gonna happen at this point is there a chance.

macbook pro 16 2021 release date

Apple could do something crazy and release it or preview it this summer absolutely i think that’s possible I just don’t think it’s likely and considering that apple you know released the m1 in November 2020

They generally go like a year out for big updates like this i have no doubts that we’re gonna see it this year like i do not see the MacBook pro slipping to 2022. there was some fringe report that said it was going to happen i don’t see that being the case I see the m1x MacBook pro this year credible sources are saying this year it’s just between probably late summer which again i don’t have a lot of confidence in and late fall October November you know after the September.

Big iPhone and apple watch and AirPods releases so iit’s mixed right because the device is going to be worth the wait it’s just for a lot of you like they just launched the back-to-school promotion will you have to settle on a 13-inch m1 now listen it wouldn’t be the worst decision in the world but I also I think the m1x will be worth it.

Personally, I’ve never been more confident about the solidness of an apple product out of launch usually it’s every year the iPhone is gonna be good and the new MacBook is a nice upgrade this is going to be the best computer they ever made I have no doubt in my mind t’s gonna have a mini led screen too apparently it’s gonna look phenomenal listen.

macbook pro 16 2021 FAQ?

Will there be a MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021?

The m1x MacBook pro this year credible sources are saying coming this year it’s just between probably late summer which again I don’t have a lot of confidence maybe late fall October November after September..

What is the best MacBook to buy 2021?

  • Apple MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip.
  • Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch.
  • Apple MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip (13-inch

What is the latest Apple laptop 2021?

Apple has plans to redesign the MacBook pro-16-inch and 13 inches in 2021 with an latest m1x chip..

New MacBook pro-2021 price

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New MacBook pro-2021 price

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We conclude here new MacBook pro 16 prices 2021 and 2021 m1x MacBook design specs and release date it will come in 2021 you must read our full article for your further planning  to choose best MacBook in 2021 apple is a serious company in the world who manufacture quilty things you can buy apple prducts with close eyes.

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